Friday, 7 October 2011

Jay Chou releasing personally written book in May

        Jay releases one album every year, promoting on two shores three places flying here and there, he also films commercials, very busy, then has he got time to write a book? Before the two books that involved his pictures "Iron Box Of An Island", "One2Free Story Book", he didn't write a single word, but they sold well because of his image.

This time Jay wants to release his own book, but there's no way for him to write it personally, the publishers Vincent Fang have asked him to carry a recording pen, he himself can record down his own thoughts, then the publishing staff will type it out and give it to Director Chou to do the final checking, at least this way the contents of the story are what he wants.

In order to rise to the procession of being a author, recently Jay has often been urged to hand in his work, Jay can't help but smile grimly: "In the past it is me pressing Vincent Fang, now I have finally tasted the taste of being pressed, the pressure is very big!"

Till now, Director Chou has only completed 1/3 progress, Vincent Fang smiled saying: "In the past it is Jay who presses me for work, could never have thought there is a time when I press him." Jay then said: "The days of being pressed for work really isn't for the living."

In the past the musical collaboration, it has always been Jay composing the tune first, then Vincent writes the lyrics according to the melody, "Like this Jay's space for writing songs is very big, he can use a vigorous unconstrained style, but for me it's a bit more mind racking so usually it's him pressing my lyrics, the degree of how late I hand in my work will make Jay can't help but shout at me: Vincent, by the time you are finished writing the lyrics, I would already have finished writing the songs for my next album."

Sometimes Jay will "act like a big star" with Vincent saying: "First buy me fried chicken to eat, if not then I won't have any inspiration!"

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Eminem - Eminem Memorabilia On One-Off Display In New York

Product Details

16 September 2011
Rap icon Eminem is putting key items of his career memorabilia on display in New York for one day only.

The Not Afraid hitmaker is giving fans the chance to get up close to historic pieces from his early years in the music industry, including the trench coat he wore on the cover of 2000's The Marshall Mathers LP, the suit and mic stand from the album artwork for The Eminem Show in 2002, and the denim dungarees, hockey mask and chainsaw he often donned to perform the track The Real Slim Shady.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Alyssa Milano is from 'Planet Mom'

Alyssa Milano feels like she has been dropped off from "Planet Mom" since she gave birth to her son.

The 'Charmed' actress and her husband David Bugliari welcomed their first child, Milo Thomas Bugliari, into the world in August and she admits he has been such a good baby he has made her look like a super-parent.

She told Us Weekly magazine: "Everything is going so well. David told me, 'It's like you were dropped off from Planet Mom!' I said, 'No, he's such a great baby, he's just making me look good!' "

Alyssa also revealed her Hollywood agent husband has taken to fatherhood really well and she feels a rush of love for him every time she sees David and Milo together.

She added: "There is nothing like seeing the man you love with your child. The other day David was carrying him in a BabyBjorn while making work phone calls! It was so sweet and beautiful."

The 38-year-old actress recently revealed she and David named the tot after his grandfathers.

She wrote on her twitter page: "For all of you asking, "Milo" was named after his two Grandfathers, Miller and Thomas. Two very important men in my life. (sic)"

Book Title:

Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic

Alyssa Milano is in love; she has been for some time. But the object of her affection isn't the subject of tabloid gossip or an actor; in fact, it isn't even a guy. It's a game, a game of nine innings that uses a ball made of leather and cork. A game called baseball.