Monday, 5 September 2011

Mariah Carey Books

Book Title:Her Story
By :Chris Nickson


Book Description

May 15, 1995

"I mean, it really is like Cinderella." In a mixture of awe and wonder, that's the way Mariah Carey describes her career. It really does seem as if she's the heroine of a fairy tale. In a matter of a few quick years she's gone from a poor girl raised alone by her divorced mother on Long Island, New York, to one of the world's leading pop divas. Her story is both inspiring and inspirational. Her four albums have sold a total of over sixteen million copies in this country alone. Her first five singles all reached Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a feat never managed before by anyone-not event the Beatles or Elvis Presley. Among the many awards she's received are two Grammys. And, as if all that weren't quite enough, she married the man who discovered her, Tommy Mottola, the head of the company for which she records.

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