Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kim Kardashian Tracks Down Owner of Lost Cell Phone

Book Title: Kardashian Konfidential
Book Description

Confessions of life as a Kardashian sister—stuffed with family stories, advice, beauty tips and exclusive gorgeous full color photos, personal snapshots and the inside scoop on their life growing up into the gorgeous Dash Dolls .   

              The stars of not one but two #1 reality television shows, and frequent cover girls on all the weekly celebrity magazines, Kourtney, Kim & Khloé Kardashian live large and glamorous lives. But not everything is on the screen—how they really live, get along (and feud) as sisters is the subject of the Kardashians’ very first book. 

Kardashian Konfidential is their sisterhood autobiography, full of fun facts about their childhoods (guess who was the ugly duckling?), their beauty and style secrets, the wisdom they learned from their beloved father, and the street smarts they got from their mother that sustain them in life and in business.

 Kim Kardashian has one jam-packed schedule, but the newlywed isn't too busy to do a good deed! On Wednesday, the reality star, 30, tracked down the owner of a lost cell phone in NYC and returned it to its owner. 

"I just found someone's cell phone in a taxi!" she tweeted. "I hope I can get a hold of them and give it back to them.
So how did Kris Humphries' wife go about finding the phone's rightful owner? "I just called the last number they dialed and found them," sheexplained. "Thank heavens! I would die without my phone."
Before she returned the device to its rightful owner, the Kourtney & Kim Take New York star had a mischievous idea: "Should I go through their pictures on this phone?" she mused. "JUST KIDDING! But you know you would snoop, too!"

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