Monday, 5 September 2011

Jennifer Lopez

Book Title: Jennifer Lopez
By:Kathleen Tracy
February, 2000. The Grammy Awards. In the evening's highpoint, Latin beauty Jennifer Lopez wears an eye-popping Versace dress that looks like a pasted-on scarf. It barely conceals her body. The audience is visibly dumbfounded. Her co-presenter, the usually witty David Duchovny, is star-struck and he stutters his lines. A chiquita legend is born.  
Jennifer Lopez spotlights the career and personal life of a celebrity riding the wave of our love affair for all things Latin. Lopez first blazed into the spotlight when she starred in the film Selena, playing the singer who herself was poised for crossover stardom when she was tragically murdered. The role helped catapult Lopez into a bona fide Hollywood star. Since then, she has starred in several films including the popular hit Anaconda and the modern noir flick Blood and Wine. She recently took the music world by storm with the release of her first CD, the best-selling On the 6.
Success for Lopez has come at a personal price. The media magnet'severy move and romance are reported in breathless detail. This is partly because drama seems to follow Lopez wherever she goes. Her short-lived marriage ended in divorce, a casualty of the pressures of stardom. The book delves into her high-profile relationships with Sony music chief Tommy Mattola and rap impresario Sean A. Puffy Combs who is embroiled in legal action. After an alleged shooting incident at a Manhattan nightclub, Lopez and Combs fled the scene of the crime and were afterwards detained by police for fourteen hours...

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